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January 2018


  • Happy New Year! - From NIWA members to all our readers, editors, and fans, we'd like to wish you the best in 2018!
  • StrategyWiki App - StrategyWiki has released an official Android app on the Google Play Store! Check it out here.

  • Bulbagarden Holiday Event - Bulbagarden's ninth annual Holiday Event has concluded with the final bonus round of Rapidash Trivia, where players competed for the first place prize of a 3DS Pokémon game in each of the nine rounds. In the 12 Days of Christmas Trivia, entrants scoured Bulbapedia for the answers to twelve challenging questions for the grand prize: a Nintendo Switch. Last but not least, prospective writers and artists displayed their creativity in our Writing and Creative Contests. Thanks to all who participated, and for those who couldn't or didn't, we hope to see you this December!



Nintendo News

  • Switch Sales - Nintendo announced earlier in December that the Nintendo Switch has sold over 10 million units worldwide!
  • 64 GB Games Postponed - Nintendo had previously planned to release 64 GB Switch game cartridges in mid-2018, which would promote and allow more data-heavy games to come to the Switch. The largest cartridge currently available can hold a max of 32 GB. Citing technical issues, these 64 GB cards have been postponed to 2019.

  • Nvidia Shield - With the release of Nvidia's Shield device in the Chinese market, several of Nintendo's Wii and Nintendo GameCube titles have been released for the device specifically for that market. This marks the first time that these titles have been released in China. Games released include The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Punch-Out!!, with more games such as Super Mario Galaxy to come.

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