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Kururin series

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The Kururin (Japanese: くるりん) series is a Nintendo video game franchise with development by Eighting.



The protagonist of the Kururin franchise is Kururin, a blue bird with a swirly head. The game is themed around the idea of 'going around and around'; which is also referred to in Japanese as the onomatopoeia "kuru kuru".

Kururin lives with various other family members who are also birds, as well as Teacher Hare, who gives tips to Kururin on riding the Helirin. The Helirin is a vehicle similar to a helicopter, which from a top-down perspective looks like a stick. Helirins constantly rotate, which is the basis of the gameplay mechanic in which the player has to navigate the Kururin through a maze without it colliding with walls or enemies. Players are also timed on how long it takes to complete the stage, so there is both a speedrun and puzzle element.

The Kururin franchise also features characters such as bosses, as well as a magician Baron Magic and his minions in Kururin Paradise.

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