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Oriental Blue: Ao no Tengai

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Oriental Blue: Ao no Tengai
オリエンタルブルー 青の天外
Oriental Blue box.png
Developer(s): Hudson Soft, Red Entertainment
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Copyrights: ©
Release dates

October 24, 2003

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Oriental Blue: Ao no Tengai is a game for Game Boy Advance, which is a side game in the third-party Far East of Eden series.


The game is a role-playing game starring a male or female character who is tasked with challenging monsters that appeared in Daito castle after its seal was broken by a spirit-stealing orb. The setting takes place in a world where Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian and Thailand inspired cultures co-exist.[1]


Before the release of the Game Boy Advance game, a version of Oriental Blue was originally in development for the Nintendo 64DD.[2]