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Template:Service Infobox

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Provider {{{provider}}}
Launched {{{launched}}}
End date {{{enddate}}}
Service provided {{{serviceprovided}}}
Accessible by {{{accessibleby}}}
Website {{{externallink}}}


  • Name = Name of the service. ({{PAGENAME}} can be used in the template.)
  • Logo = Image link of the logo.
  • Caption = A message about or describing the image.
  • Provider = The company or organization that hosts the service.
  • Launched = The date the service launched. (Use the {{tt}} template if there are multiple dates, such as launches in separate countries, to explain them.)
  • End Date = The day the service was shut down. (Present/Still Active if still available.)
  • Service Provided = Short description of what the service is.
  • Accessable By = Short list of primary devices that can access the service. Examples: Nintendo Wii; Nintendo 3DS; Internet(If online only)
  • External Link = A link to the service, if applicable.