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2019 Nintendo, Microsoft data breach case

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The 2019 Nintendo, Microsoft data breach case was a law case in which a British security researcher hacked into Microsoft and Nintendo's servers, with the breach of confidential Nintendo information on March 2018 including development code, usernames and passwords, following a previous arrest for "uploaded malware on to Microsoft's network" in June 2017. This lead to his prosecution in 2019, and other people were able to access the data. Nintendo would receive "estimated damages of up to $1.8 million".[1]

The leak was allegedly related to a server hack of BroadOn.

The man, on autism spectrum (a socio-developmental spectrum associated with passionate interests and difficulties with social interaction) and subject to face blindness was passionate about computer science. Judge Milne ruled that he would not go to prison as it would put him at risk (in the context of the social anxiety, stress, worry, in a potentially hostile environment he would face); "Everything I have heard and been told leads me to believe this is a young man who would suffer disproportionality if he went to prison".

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