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Ijūin Hikaru no Houkago no Ousama

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A quiz on the radio show

Ijūin Hikaru no Houkago no Ousama (Japanese: 伊集院光の放課後の王様) was a Nintendo/St. GIGA radio/quiz show directed by Motomasa Mitsumaru and performed by Hikaru Ijūin, a Japanese comedian and radio personality also known for commentating and reviewing video games. Yutao Utsumi (currently Yutaka) served as an assistant.

Until February 26, 1996 it was recorded at St. GIGA's studio at Jingūmae, Shibuya, Japan. From March 4, 1996 it was made at the studio of the Nintendo Tokyo Building at Asakusabashi, Taitō, Tokyo, Japan.

From July-August 7th it was also known as Ijūin Hikaru no Natsu Yasumi no Ousama (Japanese: 伊集院光の夏休みの王様), "Hikaru Ijūin's Summer Vacation King".

After April 1996, it was known as Ijūin Hikaru no Kai Denpa Hasshin Kichi (Japanese: 伊集院光の怪電波発信基地), "Hikaru Ijūin's Mysterious Radio Transmission Base".

The radio show covered gaming, music, people related content and had various quizzes.


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