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Popeye Gold Flicker

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Photo of the Popeye Gold Flicker

Popeye Gold Flicker (Japanese: ポパイ ゴールド フリッカー) is a 1961 food product. The can is advertised to contain spinach (the food that powers up Popeye, but more accurately contains furikake (振掛け), a type of food sprinkled on rice also known as "fish flour").

The food while not strictly produced by Nintendo was produced by San.o Shokuhin; a three-part consortium between Nintendo, the University of Kyoto and the Omikenshi Company.


For 100 grams;

Water (3.2 g)
Protein (34.80 g)
Fat (20.24 g)
Carbohydrate (23.63 g)
Fiber (1.48 g)
Ash count (16.64 g)
Calcium (560 mg)
Vitamin B1 (0.21 mg)
Vitamin B 2 (1.62 mg)

416 calories


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