Thunder Rally

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Thunder Rally
Developer: Retro Studios
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo GameCube
Category: Racing
Players: 1
Predecessor: N/A
Successor: N/A
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Thunder Rally was a vehicular combat game in development for the Nintendo GameCube by Retro Studios. Originally known under the tentative name Car Combat[1][2], the game was said to be "Twisted Metal Black killer", described in their original pitch to Nintendo as "QuakeWorld, Twisted Metal 2, and Mario Kart 64 with shades of Mad Max and Street Fighter II."[1]

The game would have featured a small number of stages, fewer and smaller than other vehicle combat titles, but would have featured more weapons and more interactivity in the levels.[1] The game was also originally planned to offer Internet connectivity, allowing players to battle online.[1] While slated to launch later in 2001[2], the project was ultimately cancelled as it was deemed too "high-risk"[1] and to focus on development of Retro's other titles in development at the time, Raven Blade and Metroid Prime.[2][1]


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