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{{Game infobox |title= |jptitle= |jptrans= |boxart=Warlocked.jpg |caption= |publisher=[[Nintendo]] |developer=[[Bits Studios]] |console= |category= |players= |predecessor= |successor=[[Wizards]] (cancelled) |no_pricing= |releasena=July 24/(25?), 2000 |releasejp= |releaseeu= |releaseau= |releasekr= |releasezh= |no_ratings= |niwa= |colorscheme=Nintendo |ownershiprights=©2000 Nintendo }}
{{Game infobox |title= |jptitle= |jptrans= |boxart=Warlocked.jpg |caption= |publisher=[[Nintendo]] |developer=[[Bits Studios]] |console=[[Game Boy Color]] |category= |players= |predecessor= |successor=[[Wizards]] (cancelled) |no_pricing= |releasena=July 24/(25?), 2000 |releasejp= |releaseeu= |releaseau= |releasekr= |releasezh= |no_ratings= |niwa= |colorscheme=Nintendo |ownershiprights=©2000 Nintendo }}
'''Warlocked''' is a real-time strategy game for [[Game Boy Color]].
'''Warlocked''' is a real-time strategy game for [[Game Boy Color]].
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{{Warlocked series}}
[[Category:Game Boy Color games]]
[[Category:Game Boy Color games]]

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Developer(s): Bits Studios
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Game Boy Color
Successor: Wizards (cancelled)
Copyrights: ©2000 Nintendo
Release dates
N. America:

July 24/(25?), 2000

[[|]] has more information on this game:
{{|Warlocked|Read it now!}}

Warlocked is a real-time strategy game for Game Boy Color.

A successor known as Wizards was in development for Game Boy Advance but was cancelled.


The player must engage in battles during an era in which humans and orcs are in conflict. They can also collect wizards through trading them or stealing them from another player.[1]


Warlocked series logo


Warlocked • Wizards (cancelled)