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Yoshi Sample

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Yoshi Sample start screen

The Yoshi Sample is a Yoshi series tech demo.

Before the Game Boy Advance was officially released, the Yoshi Sample was available as part of the platform's development kits.

The tech demo is closely based on Yoshi's Story, but with one level, no story and no ending. Two debugging features (including a "CPU Speed Check" via Start-Button and a function to hurt Yoshi via Select-Button are also in the Yoshi Sample.[1])


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Platform games

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island • Yoshi's Story • Yoshi's Island DS • Yoshi's New Island • (Poochy &) Yoshi's Woolly World • Yoshi's Crafted World

Puzzle games

Yoshi • Yoshi's Cookie (Kuruppon Oven de Cookie) • Tetris Attack

Other games

Yoshi's Universal Gravitation • Yoshi Touch & Go

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