Cross-Wiki Week 2023

To celebrate Nintendo's birthday on September 23rd, NIWA is hosting its annual Cross-Wiki Week event!

From September 23rd through October 1st, everyone is invited to edit NIWA wikis that they have never (or infrequently) edited before. Whether it's adding new content, uploading an image, or adding a reference, we want you to take your experience and love for video games to a new wiki!

Two random participants will win $20/€20 Nintendo e-Shop Gift Cards.

Our goal with this annual event is to bring editors to new wikis, promote cooperation, support smaller wikis, and help create new long-term editors.

Several mainline Nintendo characters, including Mario, Pikachu, Kirby, Samus, Bowser, and Donkey Kong.

Sign-up and Submit Contributions

We have a new process this year! If you'd like to participate, use the sign-up link below at any time to provide your wiki username and contact info.

To submit your edits for the event, simply add the hashtag "#cww" to the edit summaries of edits you make from September 23rd through October 1st. We will gather all #cww edits and score them for the drawing.

If you forget to add the hashtag to your edit(s), or make a contribution that doesn't allow for edit summaries (like uploading a file), you can submit those edits via this separate form.


Before participating, please take a few moments to review these rules - especially if you want a shot at the prize!
  • The event starts at 00:01 (UTC) on Saturday, September 23, and runs until 23:59 (UTC) on Sunday, October 1.
  • Contributions to any NIWA member or affiliate wikis are eligible.
  • Participants must have an account on the wiki(s) they are contributing to for a chance to win.
  • Each contributor's edits are ranked 1 to 10. The more substantial your contributions are, the higher chance you have of winning the prize!
  • Contributions should improve the wiki in some way. More substantial contributions mean more entries into the contest.
  • Each wiki is a bit different! Become familiar with the differing guidelines, styling, and policies of each wiki. Reach out to each wiki's help resources if you have any questions.

Editing Guides

Many NIWA wikis have created guides to help new editors find things to edit and improve. Note that edits to all member and affiliate wikis are eligible for Cross-Wiki Week, even if the wiki doesn't have a guide listed below.

English Wiki Guides

Italian Wiki Guides


The winner of the contest is determined by random draw. Each person's contributions are rated on a scale of 10; the more substantial one's contributions, the greater the chance of winning. Be sure to make some substantive edits for a better shot at the prize!

While event organizers are free to participate, they are disallowed from entering the drawing and winning the prize.


We had 30 participants submit valid contributions for Cross-Wiki Week 2023. Participants contributed a record-breaking 2,700+ edits to 27 NIWA member wikis and affiliates!

The lucky winners of the $20 eShop Gift Cards were Hadamsj and ShadowKirby.

Given the number of participants and contributions this year, we decided to also recognize our top contributor this year with an additional $20 eShop prize. Our top contributor this year was Anemoia.

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all our participants this year! We hope to see you again in 2024.

Disclaimer: There is no purchase necessary to win. Participants need only meet the requirements listed in the rules above. In questionable cases, final discretion of eligibility is determined by the host of the event. The prize will be two $20/€20 Nintendo e-Shop Gift Cards. If participant is in a country where an e-Shop Gift Card is not usable (region restrictions, no e-Shop support, etc.), another prize of equal value will be coordinated with the winner. Winner is determined by a random drawing after contributions are judged on a 1-10 scale by event organizers. Organizers cannot win the prize.