Introducing Edit-by-Pigeon!

For years, editors have been restricted to contributing to their favorite NIWA wikis via the internet, tarnished by poor connections, clunky keyboards, and weary arguments. Through a grand collaboration, several NIWA members have created a brand new service that allows anyone to submit their edits via pigeon (or pigeon-like) post.


Ready to submit an edit? Follow these steps:

  1. Print out a copy of the article you would like to edit.
  2. Mark the copy with your edits in red ink.
  3. Request a carrier pigeon from the wiki you are editing.
  4. In 2 to 30 days, the pigeon should arrive at your home to pick up your modified article.

Our dedicated pigeons will carry your articles over to the respective wiki's staff team, who will take care to carefully transcribe your edits onto the wiki. Please note that if the article in question has been edited since your submission, your edits will be rejected and you will have to repeat the process from Step 1.

Meet the Team

Pidove the tiny pigeon Pokémon

Pidove from Bulbapedia Rocketpedia

This lovable bird will get your edits straights to Rocketpedia! Or, well, they will try to...Pidove does not have the best memory, and may end up taking your edit to another wiki instead.

Feh the owl

Feh from Fire Emblem Wiki

The messenger owl of the Order of Heroes, Feh has four years of experience delivering letters for the Order, where her duties include ensuring the summoner’s daily rewards are always ready to be claimed. She additionally serves as the newscaster and namesake for the periodic Feh Channel updates.

Syren the harpy-like enemy from Kid Icarus

Syren Mail System from Icaruspedia

For all your Underworldly postal services, the Syren Mail System will personally deliver any letters or packages directly to you. Just be sure to pay the handling fee, your mail may be delivered with unintentional and irreparable talon damage. Syren may deliver underdressed.

Pigeons from Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 pigeons that hang around maps from Inkipedia

Very few species were able to survive the climate catastrophe that led to the Inkopolis we know today, and the vast majority of those needed to irreversibly adapt to survive. Not so for the pigeons. These brawny little birds are not only able to survive a mass extinction event with no known ill effects, but they are also agile and quick-thinking enough to never once get inked in the midst of battle. Clearly, these traits make them the perfect contenders for the postal industry. Inklings and Octolings may think they rule the roost, but Inkopolis really belongs to the pigeons.

Brewster the pigeon from Animal Crossing

Brewster from Nookipedia

Seeing that he wasn't invited to all the festivities on the tropical islands last year, Brewster has decided to retire from the coffee business and pursue his backup dream of delivering letters. Word on the street is that Pete is not too happy to see new competition.

The Burrowing Snagret, a combination of a bird and a snake from the Pikmin series

Burrowing Snagret from Pikipedia

Why fly...when you can burrow? This underground dweller will dig and wind its way through underground tunnels to take your edits straight to Pikipedia.

King Dedede from Kirby

King Dedede from SmashWiki Dedede Wikiki

Tha's right! The King ain't just a purty face, he's ready to brave them elephants an' carry y'alls mail fer the improvematin' of this here wikiki! "But he's just one King", I hear y'all sayin'. What, y'don't believe in Santa Claus neither? An' unlike him I ain't doin' this fer jus' one night! Now write them edits an’ call me up!

Yamamura the pigeon from Super Mario Maker

Yamamura from Super Mario Wiki

Coo, coo, coo! When not busy instructing players on building ridiculous Super Mario Maker courses, Yamamura will be provide you expedited service to Super Mario Wiki. He accepts tips in edamame.

Nopons from the Xenoblade Chronicles series

Nopon Postal Guild from Xeno Series Wiki

Nopon Postal Guild have untold years experience with deliver messages, letters, parcels, and all other mail across all titans. No matter sender, no matter destination, no even matter if sender supposed to be secret from destination - postmasterpon Lelurelu do personal guarantee that mail get delivered, or he do it himself! (Ignore complaints of slow service. They always false and invented by rivals. Always!)

Crow, a blue bird from EarthBound Beginnings

Crow from WikiBound

To give you the most accurate experience of dealing with the real life postal service, we bring you the Crow. Complete with a crippling tobacco addiction, lots of spite, and a high chance of robbery, Crow sure will provide an experience you will not soon forget. Crow is second to none in reliability, as in it is literally better than nothing. But not by much. This delivery method is awful, and it smells very bad.

Pitch the small green bird from Kirby

Pitch from Wikirby

If you need your edits delivered fast, Pitch is the bird for you. He may not be very big—he may not be a pigeon at all, really—but he’s a trusty little guy for getting those quick revisions in on time. For a small extra fee, add on some Copy Abilities for extra flair. Just make sure not to overload the poor thing, since he can barely carry Kirby as it is.

Kaepora from the Legend of Zelda

Kaepora Gaebora from Zelda Wiki

This great, honorable owl will brave the path to Hyrule to deliver your edits to the hands of Zelda Wiki editors. Hoo, hoo, hoo!