Introducing the Nintendo Fanon Print Collection!

After years of sifting through the digital ether, we're bringing the best of Nintendo fan content from across the internet into the physical realm. This monumental collection's 1,000,000+ pages span everything from the legendary exploits of Bluigi to the untold backstories of 200,000+ Pikmin color variants. The collection dedicates 23 volumes to Legend of Zelda timeline theories, and also includes an appendix listing all the 283,385 supposed uncles that work at Nintendo.

The Nintendo Fanon Print Collection will be released later this month for the low, low price of $24,349.99 USD. Orders open soon!

An enormous, long bookshelf with 10,000 books on it.
            Mario is standing next to it for scale.
Mario standing next to a bookshelf holding the Nintendo Fanon Print Collection, to scale.

Pre-orders will also receive the following bonus items along with expedited delivery by pigeon:

    Screenshot of Naranja Academy Library,
                    showing people browsing bookshelves in a massive,
                    ornate library spanning multiple floors.
    Satisfied Naranja Academy students browsing the fanon collection.
  • 300-meter long fold-out poster of the Super Smash Bros. roster that should have been, including 12,395 fan-favorites like Waluigi's shadow and the left Joy-Con.
  • "Who's That Pokémon? The Complete Edition", featuring the silhouette of 283,486 fan-made Pokémon that you've never heard of.
  • Multi-pack of air fresheners inspired by Yoshi's Island, featuring scents like "Freshly Hatched Yoshi", "Piranha Plant Pollen", and "Shy Guy's Mask".
  • The Spla-ta-ta-ta Cookbook, featuring Splatoon-themed dishes Crusty Seanwich, Inkling Ink Pasta, and Salmonid Sliders.
  • Mario Kart Mystery Oil, a selection of essential oils including “Spiny Shell Surprise" and "Bullet Bill Boost". Included is a mini-guide on how to blend them to recreate the essence of your favorite Mario Kart track.
  • An untitled Fire Emblem board game, featuring over 1,700 characters. Our playtesting shows that the average game takes roughly 350 hours to complete.
  • Two characters standing in front of several large bookshelves.
                    One of the characters is holding a stack of over 20 books,
                    covering his face.
    chaos and Jr. exploring the "A" volumes.
  • An Animal Crossing Voice Changer, so that you too can speak the adorable gibberish of Animal Crossing villagers.
  • A selection of origami templates for folding your very own Kirby hats, selected from the top 1,000 fan-made copy abilities.
  • Limited edition copy of Tetris featuring 14,000 new pieces created by the community.
  • 5000-kilogram, 3.4 million page plot synopsis and commentary on the intricacies of Golden Sun's plot.
  • A Scuttlebug-raising kit.
  • Ridley's Stand-up Comedy Album, featuring titles like "I'm Not Screaming, This Is Just How I Say Hello" and "Metroid Prime Rib: When Your Dinner Fights Back".
  • Beardo, a bright blue bear with a brown mustache and mutton chops,
                    sitting in the grass and reading a book, with a surprised expression.
    Beardo is yet another satisfied customer.
  • A complete affinity chart of every named character across all published fanfictions of the Xeno series (12.5 sq.miles).
  • Special edition of The Wiki Editor's Almanac 2024 detailing the top 20 longest edit wars in all fanon spaces across the digital globe, autographed by a NIWA wiki admin of your choice!
  • A life size poster of any NIWA admin of your choosing (except Toomai...we're not sure he has a physical body in this realm).