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Playing cards (Korean)

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The cards

These are classic early Nintendo playing cards for the Korean market.

Butterfly and rooster

The cards come in a black case with "Nintendo Co., Ltd." on the back. On the back of each card is some Japanese style/wafuu artwork of white flowers on a red background.


  • A butterfly archer shoots at a rooster drowning in the water.
  • A female butterfly on top of a red flower/water lily.
  • Butterfly spade card
  • Regular "2"-"10 spade cards
  • Spade: A running rooster at the edge of a cliff. A butterfly is in the background (two spade variations, one clover, one diamond, one heart).
  • A rooster blinking touching his face next to a fence; a male butterfly is watching (spade, heart, clover, diamond variations).
  • Regular heart card
  • Heart cards 2-10
  • Frightened rooster in a flower field, butterfly watching (clover, diamond)
  • Diamond card
  • Diamond card 2-10
  • Clover card
  • Clover card 2-10
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