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Bomberman GB

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Bomberman GB
Developer(s): Hudson Soft, AI
Publisher(s): Hudson Soft (Japan)
Nintendo (North America)
Virgin Interactive (Europe)
Platform: Game Boy
Players: Single player
Copyright: ©1995 Hudson Soft
Release dates
N. America: April 1998
Japan: August 10, 1995
Europe: 1998

Bomberman GB, known as Bomberman GB 2 in Japan, is a game in the Bomberman series released for the Game Boy in 1995 in Japan and released in late 1998 in North America and Europe. The game was developed and published by Hudson Soft in Japan, but published by Nintendo in North America[1] and by Virgin Interactive in Europe.


For the most part, the game plays like a traditional Bomberman game on a grid-like field. Before each new area, the player can select between Mode A and B which is different for every area. The modes create different rules that must be followed in order to clear each level in the area. If the player chooses Mode A, they must defeat all the enemies. If the player chooses Mode B, they must defeat all the monsters in order, according to where the arrow is pointing.

After clearing an area, the player earns a new ability that can help them later on in the game. For example, after clearing Area 1, the player earns the ability to use the whip. They can use the whip to knock bombs away from them.

Name Confusion

The Bomberman GB series order was changed outside of Japan when the first Bomberman GB game was released as Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman! elsewhere. To remove numbering confusion, the game originally known as Bomberman GB 2 was renamed Bomberman GB in territories where Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman! replaced it.


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