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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Release year: 2017
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Compatible: Nintendo Switch
Model no.: HAC-013

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is an accessory produced for use with the Nintendo Switch. The product was first released on March 3, 2017, alongside the console.[1] The controller is not bundled with the Nintendo Switch in any of its releases, and must be purchased separately.

Features and functionality

Being designed as a more traditional-styled controller, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is an alternative controller made for use with the Nintendo Switch console in Tabletop or TV mode. It can be connected to the controller either wirelessly or wired using the included USB cable, either by connecting it to the console or through dock.

The controller includes the same buttons as the Joy-Con, excluding the SL and SR buttons. Additionally, NFC touchpoint is located in the top middle in-between the capture and HOME buttons, rather than in the right analog control stick. The controller is also compatible with features such as HD Rumble and motion controls, although it does not include an IR camera. It is also compatible with Bluetooth 3.0, meaning it can connect to other devices.[2]

The controller uses a lithium-ion battery [CTR-003], which lasts for approximately 40 hours and takes approximately 6 hours to charge using an AC adapter or the USB cable.[2]


  • If the player holds down the right analog control stick and looks closely underneath while shining a light on it, a secret message can be found on the motherboard which reads "THX2ALLGAMEFANS!".[3]

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