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Nintendo VS. System

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A VS. Balloon Fight machine

The Nintendo VS. System is an arcade machine using the same type of chips on the Play-Choice 10 used for competitive play. Almost all the games on the VS. System ran on identical hardware, with the notable exception that four special PPUs (video chips) were also made, each containing a different palette (each of which appears to arrange the colors completely randomly). Most boards could be switched to a new game simply by swapping the program ROMs, though the appropriate PPU would also have to be used - if not, the game would appear with incorrect colors. Several of the later VS. games employed further measures of protection by using special PPUs (Palette Processing Unit) which swapped pairs of I/O registers and/or returned special data from normally unimplemented regions of memory - attempts to run these games in other VS. systems would result in the game failing to even start. Some games had higher contrast and details the the original ones released on the NES. They lasted from 1987 to 1990.

List of Nintendo VS. System machines

Release Game Title
1984 VS. Balloon Fight
1984 VS. Baseball
1984 VS. Clu Clu Land
1984 VS. Duck Hunt
1984 VS. Excitebike
1984 VS. Hogan's Alley
1984 VS. Mahjong
1984 VS. Pinball
1984 VS. Stroke & Match Golf
1984 VS. Tennis
1984 VS. Urban Champion
1984 VS. Wild Gunman
1984 VS. Wrecking Crew
1985 VS. Ice Climber
1985 VS. Ladies Golf
1985 VS. Mach Rider
1985 VS. Raid on Bungeling Bay*
1985 VS. The Goonies*
1985 VS. Soccer
1986 VS. Super Mario Bros.
1986 VS. Gradius
1986 VS. Slalom*
1986 VS. Volleyball
1987 VS. Gumshoe
1987 VS. Castlevania*
1987 VS. Trojan*
1990 VS. Dr. Mario

*:Third party franchise

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