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Talk:Kirby's Dream Land 2

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Kirby's Dream Land 2 DX

I'll post here traces and early mentions about the rumored DX ports of this game and by extension Metroid II (which is the best lead into these rumors).

Regarding the Kirby's Dream Land 2 DX rumors

I feel we don't need to actually document such rumors on this kind of article, as most of the NIWA wikis generally don't cover rumors in genuine articles due to them being analogous to speculation. At best, rumors would be moved to a dedicated page if there's any, like how Super Mario Wiki covers rumors in a separate article. --EleCyon (talk) 23:24, 23 September 2023 (UTC)

That's true. List of cancelled Nintendo games has rumors too so I'll remove them. From Evie (Torchickens) ✿ 18:52, 25 September 2023 (UTC)