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Densetsu no Starfy 4

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Densetsu no Starfy 4
Boxart of Densetsu no Starfy 4
Developer(s): TOSE
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS
Category: Platform
Nintendo's official category: Marine Action
Players: 1
Predecessor: Densetsu no Starfy 3
Successor: The Legendary Starfy
Copyrights: N/A
Release dates
N. America:



April 13, 2006





S. Korea:


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Densetsu no Starfy 4 is the fourth game in The Legendary Starfy series and the sequel to Densetsu no Starfy 3. Before the release of the game, a contest known as the Wanted Kisekae contest was held where participants had to submit designs for Stuff with a chance of their design being featured as one of the Specials or their illustrations being shown in the Staff Credits.


Back in Pufftop Palace, times were once again peaceful, until a maid called Mattel from a nearby kingdom known as the Amy Kingdom arrived to tell everyone that her home was in danger. The precious Mon Amour Stone, the protector of the Amy Kingdom was stolen by someone, and the thief transformed the Amy Castle into a castle of her own.

Moe, like before thinks that another adventure is unfavorable, but he soon changes his mind after Starly talks about Ruby, who Moe has a crush on. Starfy, Starly and Moe jump off of Pufftop Palace towards the Amy Kingdom, unaware that they are being watched by the thief. In the Amy Kingdom, Starfy, Starly and Moe must find out about the culprit and confront her to retrieve the Mon Amour Stone. As usual, they have to fight bosses and solve the problems of other characters on the way.

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