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Genius Personal: Ei-Wa Rakubiki Jiten

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This article is about the English to Japanese dictionary application. For information about the Japanese to English dictionary application, see Genius Personal: Wa-Ei Rakubiki Jiten.
Genius Personal: Ei-Wa Rakubiki Jiten
ジーニアスパーソナル 英和楽引辞典
Developer(s): Konishi Tomoshichi, Minamide Kosei, Taishukan
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: DSiWare
Category: Dictionary
Players: 1
Predecessor: Meikyō Kokugo Rakubiki Jiten
Successor: N/A
Copyrights: N/A
DSi Points

800 (JP)
Free (KOR)

Release dates

January 13, 2010

S. Korea:

October 14, 2010



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Genius Personal: Ei-Wa Rakubiki Jiten is a translation dictionary released in January 2010 over the DSiWare service, alongside its counterpart Genius Personal: Wa-Ei Rakubiki Jiten. These applications are a follow-up to Meikyō Kokugo Rakubiki Jiten.

An equivalent application, 뉴에이스 터치! 영한사전, was released in South Korea in October 2010, translating phrases from Korean to English.


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Ei-Wa Rakubiki Jiten is an English to Japanese dictionary, which gives Japanese translations for English words and phrases.

Technical details[edit]

Technical Details

Digital download (DSiWare)

Download size

128 blocks

Input / compatible controllers

Nintendo DSi