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Mother 3

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Mother 3
Mother 3 box.png
Boxart of Mother 3
Developer(s): Brownie Brown
HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Category: Role-playing
Players: 1
Predecessor: EarthBound
Successor: N/A
Copyrights: N/A
Release dates
N. America:



April 20th, 2006

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Mother 3 is the third game in the EarthBound series, taking place an unknown amount of time after EarthBound. Originally developed as a late SNES title, the project was shifted to the Nintendo 64 and even later the Nintendo 64DD, where it received the tentative title of Mother 64 in Japan and EarthBound 64 overseas. However, the project was cancelled in late 2000. The game was eventually announced for release in Japan on the Game Boy Advance in 2003, after the release of Mother 1+2, and, despite popular demand, was never released officially in any other region, presently being the only game in the series to lack an official international release.


Mother 3 is primarily set in and around Tazmily Village, in the Nowhere Islands.


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The game was sought after in Japan prior to release by Famitsu as one of the top five wanted games.[1][2]

An official English translation was considered but cancelled in fear that the themes in the game would be seen as too controversial.[3][4]

Even though the game was never officially released in the West, the community and professional translator Clyde Mandelin produced an English fan translation of the game. Since then, Mother 3 has been fan translated into other languages.

Technical details[edit]

Technical Details

Game Boy Advance Game Pak
Digital download (Wii U)

Download size

7 MB

Input / compatible controllers

GBA: Game Boy Advance
Wii U: Wii U GamePad, Wii U Pro Controller, Classic Controller

Other releases[edit]

Title Boxart Console Release Date(s) Notes
Mother 3 Wii U (Virtual Console) JP: December 17, 2015 A port of the game released as a digital download on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U, with Virtual Console emulator features.


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