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PIT Motorboat Race

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PIT Motorboat Race
PIT Motorboat Race
PIT Motorboat Race.png
Developer(s): Possible work by Nintendo[1]
Publisher(s): Unknown, part of the venture between Nomura Securities and Nintendo
Platform: Famicom (Famicom Network System)
Category: Sports
Players: N/A
Copyrights: N/A
Release dates
[[|]] has more information on this game:
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PIT Motorboat Race is a software for the Famicom Network System.

The software was used to vote for a raceboat online, similar to the JRA-PAT horse racing betting software, but is no longer functional.

Related images[edit]

Screenshot of software
PIT Motorboat Race screenshot.png


  1. Due to appearance of ? mark blocks in the game, although blue.