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Wii Fit

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Wii Fit
Wii Fit NA box.png
Developer(s): Nintendo EAD Group No. 5
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Wii
Category: Exergaming
Predecessor: ("Wii" series): Wii Play: Motion
Successor: Wii Fit Plus
Copyrights: ©Nintendo
Release dates
N. America:

May 21, 2008


December 1, 2007


April 25, 2008


May 8, 2008

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Wii Fit is a Wii fitness (exergaming) training game, in which players exercise with yoga, strength, aerobic and balance games. The game is packaged with the Wii Balance Board. It is part of the Touch! Generations series, and it was succeeded by Wii Fit Plus.


The game has found success not just among gamers, but also in the context of families in general and health care related places.

It has sold over 22.67 millions copies.[1]


The Wii Fit Trainer appears in the Super Smash Bros. series, beginning with Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.


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