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Club Nintendo Mexico

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Club Nintendo México is Nintendo's official monthly-published magazine in Mexico and Latin America. It began in 1991, and since then it has been published without interruptions, many of the years include a 13th magazine, which is a special edition.

It is Club Nintendo's tradition that in each cover, there is a hidden diamond, and is is meant for the readers to find it.


These are the main sections of the magazine:

  • Dr. Mario: This is the section where the readers of the magazine write questions to the magazine, and they answer it. Here is the last month's diamond answer.
  • Top 10: Club Nintendo's ranking for the best games for Wii and Nintendo DS.
  • CN Extra: The latest news of Nintendo, next releases and new plans for games.
  • CN Retos: Here is where the readers send their best records or challenges for the other readers to be breaken.
  • Lognin: This section informs of Nintendo sales, tournaments, news of Club Nintendo, and more.
  • Previo: Reviews for upcoming games.
  • CN Profiles: A biografy of a videogame character. (the only exception was André the Giant)
  • Consola Virtual: All the news about the Virtual Console, upcoming games and recommendations.
  • Galeria: Club Nintendo's museum, here is where readers send their drawings to compete for the Drawing of The Month Award.
  • Mariados: Glitches, Walktroughs, Gameguides and more. In this section the magazine answers any doubts in a game.
  • Reviews: Reviews for games, including the experts opinion and a general grade for the game.
  • Nuestra Portada: Special review about the game in cover.
  • QHDD: What's inside... In this section, Club Nintendo makes an article finding out everything about something.
  • Las Recomendaciones de Club Nintendo: Here the staff give a brief explanation of the game they think is the best of the month.
  • S.O.S.: Club Nintendo's cheats section.
  • Cementerio de Videojuegos: Here, Panteon, gives a review of a great game for the past consoles.
  • Ojo del Cuervo: This is a movie's section where Crow gives his opinion about some movies.
  • Ultima Pagina: The last section, This is a review of what will come in the next month's magazine.


Here's the people who make the magazine possible:

Name Occupation
José Sierra Editorial Management
Gus Rodriguez Editorial Management
Javier Martinez General Management
Paco Cuevas Executive Management
Antonio Rodriguez Editor
Hugo Hernandez (Crow) Investigation
Juan Carlos Garcia (Master) Investigation
Alejandro Rios (Panteon) Collaboration
Adrian Moscoso Collaboration
Jose de Jesus Cabrera Collaboration
Axy "Secret Agent"
Spot "Secret Agent"
Javier Fernandez Style Corrector
Francisco Cuevas Art Director
Victor Madrid Designer

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