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!Screenshot of software
!Screenshot of software
!Unidentified box
|[[File:Famicom Anser cartridge.png|150px]]
|[[File:Famicom Anser cartridge.png|150px]]
|[[File:Famicom Anser screenshot.png]]
|[[File:Famicom Anser screenshot.png]]
|[[File:Famicom Anser red box.png]]

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Famicom ANSER
Famicom Anser boxart.png
Platform: Famicom (Famicom Network System)
Copyrights: © 1989 Nintendo
Release dates


[[|]] has more information on this game:
{{|Famicom ANSER|Read it now!}}

Famicom ANSER is software for the defunct Famicom Network System.[1]


The Famicom ANSER software is not contained in a regular Famicom cartridge, and was one of multiple special card shaped cartridges for the Famicom Network System. The © 1989 Nintendo copyright on the boxart and cartridge may suggest that Nintendo owns rights to the software.

It is believed to be based on the service's Bank ANSER System for withdrawing money, after confirmation from a bank, and confirmation of bank details from a dedicated communication cartridge based on accounts from the Japanese famicom.suppa fan-site.[2] The software is also password protected as an additional security measure. Reportedly, "?" blocks similar to the Mario series can be seen. This does not imply that it was a Mario game however, as other, non-Mario Famicom Network Service games (JRA-PAT, and to a lesser extent PIT Motorboat Race) also feature similar blocks or square ? shapes (also very loosely similar to the square shapes in Nintendo's later GB Memory Cartridge and SF Memory Cassette game selection menus).

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Famicom Anser cartridge.png Famicom Anser screenshot.png Famicom Anser red box.png


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