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X series

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X logo.png
The series logo
Creator: Dylan Cuthbert
First game: X (May 29, 1992)
Latest game: X-Scape (July 16, 2010)
For in-depth information:
is dedicated to chronicling the X series.
For additional information:
is another wiki dedicated to {{{niwa2-purpose}}} the X series.

The X series is a series of 3D tank-driving simulation/shooting games conceived by Dylan Cuthbert of Argonaut Software (Argonaut also have close links with the later released Star Fox series).

Developed as experiments for displaying 3D on the Game Boy and Super Nintendo Entertainment System also known as Eclipse and Lunar Chase and formally planned to be published by Mindscape, Dylan Cuthbert showed his work to Nintendo who were impressed and agreed to allow him to work for them.

The end result, known as simply "X" was released exclusively in Japan for the Game Boy on May 29, 1992.

Dylan Cuthbert would later become the founder of his own company Q-Games, which would develop the 2010 DSiWare sequel to X; X-Scape (released in Europe as 3D Space Tank).

X series logo