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3D Classics: TwinBee
3D Classics Twinbee.png
Famicom Mini: TwinBee
Famicom Mini Twinbee.png
Boxart of Famicom Mini: TwinBee
Developer(s): Konami, Arika (3D Classics)
Publisher(s): Konami
Nintendo (Famicom Mini, 3D Classics)
Platform: Arcade, Famicom, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 3DS

TwinBee is a 1985 (Famicom version: 1986) shoot 'em up by Konami. It is part of the TwinBee series.

Known as Famicom Mini: TwinBee, Nintendo would publish a Japan-only port of the Famicom version for Game Boy Advance, in 2004. Following this, 3D Classics: TwinBee is a 2011 3D version of the game. It was released for the Nintendo 3DS as part of the 3D Classics series.


The player controls a cartoon-like spacecraft to shoot enemies. Bells appear across the field, giving the player power ups and bonus points with different color bells giving better rewards. However, it is possible for the bell to fall off the bottom edge of the field. By shooting the bell, it can be forced upwards and can be made to change to have a better rewarding color.