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Face Training series

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The Face Training series (known in Japan as the KaoTre, or Kaotore, 顔トレ series) is a series of games to improve social impression/beauty/health on the face. It is a collaboration between Nintendo, Intelligent Systems and the beauty expert Fumiko Inudo.

The concept is similar to Nintendo's other "Training" games, (which may also be part of the Touch! Generations branding), which may also involve collaboration with an expert (such as the Brain Age series and Ryuta Kawashima). The process of performing the facial exercises is known as Facening.

The Face Training series has a strong connection with Atsumeru Egaochō including connectivity between Face Training and Atsumeru Egaochō.[1] Atsumeru Egaochō is a video game based on a face-journal concept, also developed by Intelligent Systems. Both series have the same mascot named Kaohiko (カオヒコ), who looks similar to the 面 "face" kanji.


Facening Mini (all September 9, 2008)