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Failed Nintendo Harry Potter pitch

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The failed Nintendo Harry Potter pitch refers to a pitch by Nintendo, specifically the American Nintendo Software Technology division to buy and acquire exclusive rights to Harry Potter video games in the 1990s, in continuation of other games by Nintendo based on multimedia franchises such as Goldeneye 007 (based on James Bond 007).

Although J.K. Rowling desired the games to be close to the books (and allegedly requesting Nintendo if they began work on them, to read through all of them cover to end before working on the game) Nintendo specifically preferred a more Japanese-centric design for the characters. Concept art was made, but Nintendo was not able to win the rights through auction.

Two main game ideas were pitched; a first-person adventure game based on the main story, and a spin-off video game based on Quidditch, a fictional sport in the franchise involving flying on broomsticks.

The video game license was ultimately acquired by Electronic Arts, with Microsoft as another competitor for the rights.[1]