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Monster Tactics

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Monster Tactics
Monster Tactics boxart.png
Developer(s): Production team with Tsunekazu Ishihara (possibly Spiral Co. Ltd)
Marigul Management
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Game Boy Color
Category: Strategy/RPG
Release dates
Japan: November 21, 2000
©2000 (Nintendo/Spiral)

Monster Tactics, also known as Kakurenbo Battle: Monster Tactics (かくれんぼバトルモンスタータクティクス) is a game for Game Boy Color, released only in Japan.


As Kabin from the Iraldi Kingdom, the player must travel dark dungeons seeking out monsters to scan with the MonTac Scanner, battle them with skill rings (similar to magical powers), and collecting their powers/mark (known as a MonTac). Dungeons usually have a boss at the end of them. The style of gameplay is a turn-based strategy game. Players can only partially see the dungeon with their flashlight, so exploration is needed to find the monsters. Once a monster spots the player, the player may have time to escape its field of view. This is why the name of the game is also prefixed "Kakurenbo Battle" (Hide and Seek Battle), as there is a style of gameplay in which the player tries to find the monster while trying to hide and escape their attacks.

Later in his journey, Kabin is joined by Kaen and Tarren.

There are over 100 monsters in the game, each with their own MonTac and players can compete for a larger MonTac.

The game has support for the Game Boy Printer and infrared communications.