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NES Zapper

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NES Zapper
Nes zapper.jpg
Release year: 1984
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Compatible: NES
Model no.: NES: NES-005
Famicom: HVC-005

The NES Zapper (released in Japan as the Beam Gun) is a light gun peripheral device for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Famicom. The Beam Gun version was released on the allowing players to shoot at objects on-screen using a light gun.

Features and functionality

The NES Zapper worked by blanking the screen with nothing but pixels of either black or white. The screen shows this as a quick flash of light (lasting less than a second), in which a camera in the Zapper records the pixel value it is facing on the screen.

The zapper then sends the information to the System through the attached cord.

Compatible games published by Nintendo

Appearances in games

Title Year Description
Splatoon 2015 A series of weapons based on the NES Zapper, the "N-ZAP" series, were added to the game after release. Three variants of this weapon exist: the N-ZAP '85, based on the original design of the Zapper; the N-ZAP '89, based on the orange re-release of the Zapper; and the N-ZAP '83, an NES Zapper modeled after a Family Computer controller.

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