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Nintendo Monopoly

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Nintendo Monopoly is a licensed board game based on the classic board game Monopoly. The board game features references of Nintendo intellectual properties including: Super Mario series, The Legend of Zelda series, Yoshi series, Metroid series, Kirby series, F-Zero series, and Star Fox series.

During gameplay, Nintendo characters are used as properties instead of real-world locations. Super Mushrooms (referred to as "Power-Ups" in-game) are used in place of houses, whereas Stars ("Invincibilities") take the place of hotels.



Nintendo property Original property Price
Pink color group (Kirby)
King Dedede St. Charles Place $140
Kirby Virginia Avenue $160
Meta Knight St. Charles Place $140
Red color group (Super Mario)
Princess Peach Indiana Avenue $220
Toad Kentucky Avenue $220
Yoshi Illinois Avenue $240
Orange color group (Metroid)
Metroid St. James Place $180
Ridley Tennessee Avenue $180
Samus Aran New York Avenue $200
Yellow color group (Donkey Kong)
Diddy Kong Ventnor Avenue $260
Dixie Kong Atlantic Avenue $260
Donkey Kong Marvin Gardens $280
Green color group (The Legend of Zelda)
Ganondorf Pacific Avenue $300
Link Pennsylvania Avenue $320
Princess Zelda North Carolina Avenue $300
Lightblue color group (StarFox)
Falco Lombardi Vermont Avenue $100
Fox McCloud Connecticut Avenue $120
Slippy Toad Oriental Avenue $100
Blue color group (Super Mario)
Luigi Park Place $350
Mario Boardwalk $400
Purple color group (Super Mario)
Waluigi Mediterranean Avenue $60
Wario Baltic Avenue $60
Railroad group
Arwing Short Line Railroad $200
Blue Falcon Pennsylvania Railroad $200
Mario Kart Reading Railroad $200
Warp Star B&O Railroad $200
Other spaces
Warp Pipe Water Works $150
Piranha Plant Electric Company $150
Original coverbox. Released in 2006.
Layout of the board
Original set of tokens.


Updated coverbox. Released in 2010.
Updated layout.
The new set of tokens.

The 2010 version contains some notable changes:

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