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Popeye (Arcade)

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Popeye (Arcade)
Popeye North American Arcade Front Flyer.jpg
Front flyer for the North American arcade version
Popeye (NES)
Popeye North American NES Front Box Art.png
Front box art for the North American NES version
Developer(s): Nintendo
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Arcade
Nintendo Entertainment System
Category: Action
Players: 1-2
Predecessor: N/A
Successor: N/A
Release dates
N. America: 1982 (Arcade)
June 1986 (NES)
Japan: December 1982 (Arcade)
July 15, 1983 (Famicom)
Europe: 1986
©1982 Nintendo
©1982 King Features Syndicate, Inc.


Popeye is an arcade game by Nintendo, later ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System, featuring the cartoon character of the same name.

The Nintendo Entertainment System version is a slight graphical downgrade compared to the original arcade version.


As Popeye, the player must catch items thrown by Olive Oyl while avoiding Brutus, Sea Hag and Bernard. Popeye can eat a can of spinach to become invincible.


Flyer (Arcade version)

Will the King of Spinach clobber the
swashbuckler and save the lady Oyl?

"Popeye! Sweetheart! Catch my kisses," cries Olive Oyl! "I yam comin' sweetlips,
but there's a big ugly brute right on me tail," wails Popeye!
Chasing hearts before they break, Popeye is pursued by the ol' blubber face, Brutus.
POW! Popeye punches beer bottles hurled by Brutus. POW! Popeye smashes wine bot-
tles flung by the Sea Hag. "Curses! I missed," scowls the old lush! POW! Popeye slams
the punching bag and a beer bottle immobilizes Brutus. "Rats! I'll git you, you little var-
mit!" Popeye is then free to catch hearts and flirt. But just let one of those hearts
break and Olive shakes a threatening finger at Popeye, scolding, "you stupid ninny!"
Avast! Ms. Oyl is such a nag! She keeps throwing things at Popeye. And brutish Bru-
tus keeps gaining. But POW! See Popeye grab the spinach and become glowing red.
Only now can Popeye knock Brutus on his petunias!
Observing from afar, Wimpy proclaims, "Greetings, Sir! That was a foul blow. I want
a hamburger." Meanwhile, annoyed at the nasty Sea Hag, Olive orders Popeye to
"smack her smush!" "I cannot do it," says Popeye, "I yam a gen'leman! I does not hit
Plagued by kamikaze skulls, ravenous vultures and fragile hearts, can Popeye tri-
umph? Will he KNOCK OUT Brutus and live happily ever after with his favorite dame?
Only Nintendo could create such a frantically wild game using one of America's best-
loved cartoon figures. It's Popeye as you've never seen him before. With sensational,
lifelike graphics, sounds and music which will have them begging for more!
"Blow me down! I yam so proud of Nintendo I could bust," boasts Popeye as he
puffs his pipe and winks goodbye!

Box (NES version)

Now you're the King of
Spinach in a battle for
Olive's love!

Are you ready to climb ladders, jump land-
ings, eat spinach and punch out Brutus,
Seahag and the flying Bernard? Because
that's what it takes to win Olive Oyl's hand in
marriage. You'll score points by defeating your enemies and collection the "love
tokens" Olive drops from her window. The more you collect, the more points you'll
score and the faster you'll win her love. But watch out. Around every corner lurks
another jealous sailor. You'll have to think with your head as well as your heart to
win this fast action love affair!


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