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Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

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Professor Layton and the Unwound Future
PLaUF box.png
Developer(s): Level-5
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS
Category: Puzzle-adventure
Players: 1
Predecessor: Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
Successor: Professor Layton and the Specter's Flute
Release dates
N. America: September 12, 2010
Japan: November 27, 2008
Europe: October 22, 2010
Australia: October 21, 2010
ESRB: E10+

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, known in Europe and Australia as Professor Layton and the Lost Future and in Japan as Professor Layton and the Last Time Travel, is a game in the Professor Layton series of games released for the Nintendo DS.


Luke receives a startling letter in the mail, from himself, 10 years in the future. Professor Layton and Luke must travel into the future to figure out who this mysterious villain is, and how is it all happening.


On a London bus, Professor Layton and Luke discuss a mysterious letter. It is addressed to Luke, from his future self, ten years ahead. Layton recalls a Doctor DStahngun's time travel experiment recently, in which Prime Minister Bill Hawks was put into a time machine. The machine exploded; Stahngun and Hawks disappeared without a trace. Following instructions in the letter, the duo head to a clock shop on Midland Road, where they are transported into what appears to be the future version of London, where the future version of Luke lies. On their travels, Layton has a startling reaction to a lady who walks past, since she reminds him of Claire, an old love of his who perished in a failed time travel experiment ten years ago. After meeting Doctor Schrader in a hospital, the duo head to a casino, where they meet Future Luke. There, he tells them about this future version of the city. It is a dystopian landscape, full of machinery, metal and steam, with citizens terrified of the ruthless dictator. This dictator, tells Future Luke, is Professor Layton.

Heading to Chinatown, they spy a looming pagoda, where the future Layton is said to reside. Heading in and reaching the top, the group encounter a man dressed in dark attire, similar to Layton's. He traps them in a cage, but it is revealed that Layton was actually Don Paolo, with the real Professor Layton helping release them. The future Layton is revealed to be Stahngun, who shows a captured Bill Hawks, tied to a chair. Stahngun escapes with the Prime Minister, and the group look for answers in the rest of the city.

The lady Layton previously walked by is shown to be Celeste, the sister of Claire. Helping the group out, they discover a dark laboratory, where many scientists are working on an unknown great project. Eventually, the group reconvene in the Thames Arms, a pub by the Thames. There, many aspects come to ligt, as Layton has "much to say about this city, and its secrets." It is revealed that this future version of London is actually a colossal underground set, within a cave (one of many such large caves around the world). Stahngun had lured scientists to this underground set, tricking them into believing they had been transported ten years into the future and that the only way out was to build a time machine that could take them back to the past. Stahngun is shown to be Dimitri Allen. However, a secret project was also being worked on. "Someone here masterminded a scheme more awful than yours, Dimitri," says Layton, before turning around swiftly and pointing, "And that person is there!" The future Luke stands up in surprise, before laughing. It is revealed that he is actually Clive, a boy who pretended to be Luke to gain the Professor's trust. Heading outside, the Thames splashes and waves as a giant contraption rises from the water = a mobile fortress, the stronghold of madness. Layton looks at it gravely. The machine tears down the ceiling of the underground set, and heaves up to the real London. It begins demolishing buildings, firing blasts and killing people.

Layton and Luke get into the Laytonmobile (Layton's car) and race up the mobile fortress. Inside, using their cunning to solve puzzles and defeat Clive's henchmen, they discover Bill Hawks, wired up to a machine. If he is removed, the entire fortress will self-destruct. The machine monitors his presence by his heartbeat. Celeste therefore places an old pocket watch in, wired up, but it will run out in ten minutes. Hurriedly, the group try to escape the fortress. As Clive attempts to destroy them, the car falls off. Layton suddenly remembers something Don Paolo told him, and presses a red button, giving the Laytonmobile wings. Flying over London, Layton remarks of Don Paolo, "Yes, he was always very good with machines." Luke asks him if he can fly a plane, to which Layton replies "A plan? This is an automobile." Setting the rest of the group down, Layton heads back to save Clive with Celeste. Saving the young man, the fortress falls back towards the set as it explodes. With the city saved, Inspector Chelmey goes to lock up Clive. Dimitri warns Layton that Celeste has something still to say. In the experiment ten years prior, Claire had actually been transported into the future moments before death. A tearful Celeste approaches Layton and pronounces the truth, that she is Claire, but her time is nearly up. Layton is incredulous and sorrowful. The two briefly talk, with Layton aghast at having to accept Claire's death again. She tells him, "You won't forget, will you? Our shared past... and our lost future." Walking off, she disappears. The clouds begin to break into snow, as Layton takes his hat off and looks up to the sky, beginning to cry.

In an epilogue, Luke is sent off on a large ship to a new destination. He sends Layton a letter sometime later, telling him of an exciting mystery he should investigate there.


There are 168 puzzles in total. Like all Layton games, the game has three mini-games, one of which is based on an animal.


While the first two games used a broadly similar theme for their puzzles, this third game introduces a wholly new theme, including a faster variant for puzzles that have to be solved quickly according to the story (though there is no time limit in-game). The game uses an orchestra for the main theme, rather than synthesisers, for the first time in the series.


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