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Sakura Momoko no UkiUki Carnival

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Sakura Momoko no UkiUki Carnival
Momoko Sakura GBA.jpg
Developer(s): Nintendo System Development
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Category: Internet simulation
Players: Single player, multiplayer
Release dates
Japan: July 5, 2002

Sakura Momoko no UkiUki Carnival (literally Momoko Sakura's Exciting[1] Carnival) is a game for Game Boy Advance.


This game's story and characters were created by the popular mangaka Momoko Sakura. It is set in the always sunny Colortown. Colortown is split into nine areas; Purple Town, Black Town, Peach Town, White Town, Yellow Park, Blue Town, Orange Town, Red Town, and Green Town.

In this game, the player (who can be chosen as a either a boy or a girl) is appointed by the town mayor as the Carnival Committee member to recruit people to the carnival. The player spends ten days in Colortown with Chocolin the fairy, until the carnival on the eleventh day.

Colortown is full of people and unique creatures known as Monpy (Monster People). The player can interact with them, obtain items and solve puzzles using the MiniP@ (a PDA which allows the player to access a simulation of the Internet), which then allows the player to progress and recruit them for the carnival. Sometimes the player can play a minigame (including within and outside of the MiniP@).

There are two aims of the game; obtaining items and offering them to all the various Guardian Kami to power the energy tower and start the carnival, and recruiting 100 people to the carnival (the order doesn't have to be the same, however, the areas open up after milestones).

There is one Guardian Kami for each town, as listed below:

  • Black Town - Kamegenbū (カメゲンブー) Offering: Red Hat
  • Peach Town - Īno (イーノ) Offering: Melon Bread
  • Blue Town - Uryā (ウリャー) Offering: Rainbow Marble
  • Green Town - Nijira (ニジラ) Offering: Corn Soup
  • Red Town - Sujō (スジョー) Offering: Face Balloon
  • Orange Town - Shinka (シンカ) Offering: Fireworks Decoration
  • White Town - Whiga (ホワイガー, Howaigā) Offering: Angel CD
  • Purple Town - Rōu (ローウ) Offering: Note PC

Additionally, recruiting a Guardian Kami rewards the player with a Shining Star. Once the power is fully supplied with all Shining Stars, the player can begin the carnival. The humans and Monpy who agreed to attend the carnival will show up, and there are a few minigames within the carnival itself unlocking new features for the MiniP@.

Not all characters can be recruited on the first playthrough. In order to fully recruit everyone, the player must start a new game from day 11 again (the carnival day), with the upgraded MiniP@ and new options such as being able to access the sound test.

Using the Game Boy Advance Link Cable, the player can also create and share their own website.


  1. UkiUki is actually an onomatopoeia used in the context of this word.
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