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Satella de Picross

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Satella de Picross
Satella de Picross screenshot.png
Developer(s): Jupiter
Publisher(s): St.GIGA/Nintendo
Platform: Satellaview
Category: Puzzle
Predecessor: Picross 2
Successor: Picross NP Vol. 1
Release dates
Japan: November 30, 1997 (broadcast for 27 days)

Not to be confused with Tamori no Picross, another Satellaview Picross game.

Satella de Picross is a discontinued Satellaview game in the Picross series. This game has not been documented well online.

For Game Tora no Oona there was a December 1997 event featuring this game, where players could win a copy of a Pokémon Craft Electric Set as a prize, with Elecric-type Pokemon including Pikachu, Magnemite and Zapdos. There were a total of 50 winners.[1]

The only two known puzzles include an insect and a bonus 28th puzzle from the magazine Tora Maga Daisakusen (December 21 1997 issue); a transmission tower. The latter puzzle is identical to a Mario puzzle in Mario no Super Picross. A black and white screenshot of the game was released in Fami Maga 64 January 1998 (page 81).

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  1. "This new ROM dump just poked my mons." Satellablog (not linked as contains a ROM download)