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TOSE (branched out from Toa Seiko; the parent company) is a large Japanese company that works on thousands of games as what is referred to as a 'ghost developer'; a developer that rarely attributes themselves for their work. This is because they have strict confidentiality agreements with their clients.

TOSE has worked with Nintendo many times. Although most of TOSE's works are meant to be kept secretive, they legally openly credit themselves in works such as The Legendary Starfy series (conceived by both TOSE and Nintendo; which they also partly share the rights to with Nintendo) and some copyright to the Famicom Detective Club series is owned by TOSE. TOSE developers are also overtly disclosed in the credits of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.

Recent history

Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir and The Girl Who Stands Behind (remakes of Famicom Disk System titles now mention TOSE on the title screen copyright (with Mages).

The Invention King

Starfy Wiki logo.png This article is a short summary of TOSE.
Starfy Wiki features a more in-depth article.

As innovators in the video game industry with countless experience, TOSE ran The Invention King on their official website seeking reception or ideas in the context of both inventions and the video game and mobile (including video games, which was relatively new at the time) industry. TOSE initially took a very serious approach to this, offering plain cash prizes of up to 100000 yen for promising input or ideas, but it gradually became a more and more informal series; changing plain cash to QUO Card rewards (like a Japanese gift card for shops) and to advertise their (then new) The Legendary Starfy series by releasing merchandise related to the first game Densetsu no Starfy, or a copy of the game itself as possible prizes.

It ran from at least 1998-2006 according to Internet Archive, but much information about it is lost now.

The name and logo is possibly a reference to a nickname given to the historical famous inventor Thomas Edison; associated in popular culture with the lightbulb.

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