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Hello. This is the amazingly boring and plain page of Maxite.


I first joined the internet around 1999 to join the Creatures Community, a community based around the artificial-life series "Creatures" made by Cyberlife/Creatures Labs. During this time, I was in three different online communities: AOL (oh god), the Creatures Community, and IRC. Later on I switched to another IRC community more focused on technology and computers. After a year or so with them, I moved on to a roleplaying community where I rose to prominence quite a few times in various subgroups, and learned forum administratioicn skills, as well as honed my skills in studying online group dynams. Around 2007, I became increasingly interested in anime, and joined various anime communities, eventually joining a fansubbing group for a year as an editor. After I grew bored of fansubbing, I started making a series of blogs, eventually creating my current OtakuDeus blog. As of late, I've been involved in NIWA.


  • Making sure pages follow the proper format for layout
  • Uploading relevant files for articles
  • Making sure pages are linked to each other.

Contact Information[edit]

Need to reach me? There's my talk page, or you can try these alternatives:

MSN: [email protected]
Skype: mjsvenn

Moment of Zen[edit]

Behold the power of kawaii!