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Satella Walker.png
Developer(s): Nintendo
Publisher(s): St. GIGA
Platform: Satellaview (Super Famicom)
Successor: SatellaWalker 2
Release dates
Japan: Jun. 29, 1997 (サテ坊を救い出せ!) (Satebō wo Sukui Dase!)

Jul. 6, 1997 (街の平和を取り戻せ!) (Machi no Heiwa wo Tori Modose!)[1]

SatellaWalker was a Satellaview video game.


The game would involve the player exploring a town (the same one as in BS-X: Sore wa Namae o Nusumareta Machi no Monogatari) and interacting with its residents. The player could also do other activities, such as taking part in a race. Various items are included in the game, which are references to other video game franchises; including Nintendo ones such as the BS The Legend of Zelda games.

In the Satebō wo Sukui Dase! release, it is assumed the aim of the game would be to rescue Satellaview mascot Satebō. In Machi no Heiwa wo Tori Modose! it is assumed the player would have to save the town from trouble.


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