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Touch Panel Adaptor

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The Touch Panel Adaptor shown at GDC 2009, attached to a Game Boy Advance SP.

The Touch Panel Adaptor was a Game Boy Color accessory in development around 1998, and would have given the system the ability to accept touch-based inputs.[1] According to designer Masato Kuwahara, the device was not well received when he proposed it, presumably due to the Game Boy Color having a dark, non-backlit screen.[1][2]

The prototype was later demoed to Shigeru Miyamoto after the release of the Game Boy Advance SP, as a potential accessory for that console.[3] Although it was better received and Miyamoto liked the product, it still was never released.[2][3]

The touch screen concept would later be incorporated into the Nintendo DS; Kuwahara has stated that he would like to think that it was his prototype that inspired the decision.[1][3]


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