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Fire Emblem Heroes

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Fire Emblem Heroes
ファイアーエムブレム ヒーローズ
Faiā Emuburemu Hīrōzu
Fire Emblem Heroes icon.png
Game icon as of the version 3.0 update.
Developer(s): Intelligent Systems[1]
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: iOS, Android
Category: Tactical role-playing
Players: 1
Predecessor: N/A
Successor: N/A
Copyrights: N/A
Release dates

February 2, 2017[2][3]







App Store:


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Fire Emblem Heroes is a strategy game and free-to-play mobile installment in the Fire Emblem series. Developed by Intelligent Systems, the game was released on both the App Store and Google Play store in February 2017.[2][3]


Nintendo website

Open the gateways between worlds, Heroes at your side.

Nintendo's hit strategy-RPG Fire Emblem series is now reimagined for smart devices.

Fight battles customized for touch screens and on-the-go gameplay. Summon characters from across the Fire Emblem universe. Develop your Heroes' skills, and take them to new heights. This is your adventure—a Fire Emblem that's like nothing you've seen before!

This application is free to download and offers some optional in-app purchases.

An epic quest
A world with two kingdoms: the Emblian Empire, which wishes to rule all worlds, and the Askran Kingdom, which stands in its way.

You are a summoner with the special ability to call upon legendary Heroes from different Fire Emblem worlds. In order to save the Kingdom of Askr from destruction, join the Order of Heroes and face a never-ending challenge.

Intense battles
Take part in strategic turn-based battles streamlined for on-the-go play with maps that fit in the palm of your hand! You'll need to think hard about the advantages and disadvantages of each Hero's weapon—and even evaluate the map itself as you battle. Lead your army with easy touch and drag controls, including the ability to attack by simply swiping an ally over an enemy.

Original characters meet legendary Heroes
The game features numerous Hero characters from the Fire Emblem series and a few brand-new Heroes created by artist Yusuke Kozaki, known for his work on Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates. Some Heroes will fight at your side as allies, while others may stand in your way as fierce enemies to be defeated and added to your army.

Many modes let you play again and again
In addition to the main story, there are many other modes where you can strengthen your allies, compete against other players, and more. Also, free and timely updates will continue to add new Hero characters, content, and other surprises to keep you engrossed with hours of additional gameplay.

  • Story Maps: The story brings together new Hero characters along with familiar faces from the Fire Emblem series. Lead your army to victory to save the Kingdom of Askr.
  • Training Tower: Engage in battle scenarios of varying difficulty that you can play over and over to earn rewards and experience (EXP) for your allies. Each time you take on these maps, the enemies and terrain change to offer a new challenge.
  • Arena Duels: Fight against your rivals around the world. Your high score and ranking will determine your rewards—items that can increase your Heroes' abilities.
  • Hero Battles: Under Special Maps, discover various battle scenarios that are available for a limited time. Defeat the Heroes who oppose you to convince them to join you as an ally.

Battle together with your favorite Heroes, watch them grow, and enjoy an all-new adventure that opens up a path to the future.


Fire Emblem Heroes tells the story of two warring kingdoms in the World of Zenith: The Emblian Empire, who seek to conquer every world, and the Kingdom of Askr who oppose them. The player assumes the role of a summoner who is brought to Askr, assisting the small group who combats the Emblians, the Order of Heroes, with the ability to summon Heroes from across each world. The Emblians, however, have their own summoner: Princess Veronica, who wishes to use the Heroes she summons to destroy Askr.

The main story chapters of Fire Emblem Heroes revolve around journeying to the various worlds of the Fire Emblem series and freeing it and its Heroes from the Emblian Empire. Side chapters are also periodically made available, which revolve around other Heroes and worlds.


Fire Emblem Heroes is a tactical-strategy game that allows players to recruit characters from across the Fire Emblem series.[2] Players can obtain new units by using Orbs, which can be obtained in battle or as in-app purchases.[2] When summoning, the player can choose one from a set of five summoning stones, which can have one of four different colors that indicates particular attributes and helps to determine which character the player receives.[2] After obtaining a character, the number of orbs required to summon another character is decreased if the player chooses to summon using another stone out of the same set.[2] Characters are also given a star rating based on rarity (one through five, five being rarest), a higher rarity denoting higher stats and access to better skills. Through battle, players can not only level up their characters but also use the SP they earn to unlock new skills for that character, and can increase their star rank after they reach a certain level by using special materials.[2]

Battles are set on 8x6 grids, designed to fit the screen size of a smartphone.[2] Players direct their units by tapping them and either dragging them to the desired location or tapping the location on the grid, and engage enemies by tapping them or overlapping with their position.[2] The weapon triangle of past Fire Emblem titles is retained in this game, using a similar color-coded system as in Fire Emblem Fates, though in this game healing units as well as shuriken, dagger, and bow users are once again outside the standard triangle as part of the "colorless" category.

In addition to the story missions, players can also partake in the Training Tower to earn experience, and the Arena, in which players partake in a successive series of battles to earn the highest score.[2] From the Special Maps menu, players can battle on limited-time stages that yield rewards such as Orbs or, in the case of events such as Grand Hero Battles, exclusive units. Finally, also available are Tempest Trials, limited time events in which players must clear a gauntlet of maps with up to four teams, and Voting Gauntlets, in which players chose to support one of eight competing characters by battling.


Fire Emblem Heroes began development before Super Mario Run.[4] A mobile installment in the Fire Emblem series was originally announced during an investor's meeting in April 2016, with a planned release during the fall.[5] However, it was later announced that the game was pushed back to the next year to allow Super Mario Run to launch first.[6] Fire Emblem Heroes was finally revealed during a Fire Emblem Direct in January 2017.[2]

Technical details[edit]

Technical Details

Digital download (mobile)

Download size

iOS: 69 MB

System requirements

iOS: 8.0 or later (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
Android: 4.2 or later

Supported features

Game Center (iOS)

Input / compatible controllers



List of updates
align="center"|Version Number Date Released Description
align="center"|1.1.0 March 3, 2017 Adds the Voting Gauntlet, system improvements.
align="center"|1.1.1 March 9, 2017 Bug fixes
align="center"|1.2.0 April 11, 2017 Allows players to switch their unit's starting positions on the map before a battle begins, increases the amount of EXP earned by 1★ to 4★ Heroes from enemies of a lower level, increases the maximum stamina from 50 to 99[7], adjusts Arena matchmaking, new features and bug fixes.
align="center"|1.3.0 May 8, 2017 Adjustments to the Arena tier system, adds additional Arena maps, difficulty adjustments for the Training Tower, bug fixes.[8]
align="center"|1.4.0 June 7, 2017 Adds new gameplay features and a new event type, increases the maximum number of teams the player can have to 8, adds an "Accept All" button to accept quest rewards, adds new options to Settings, bug fixes.
align="center"|1.5.0 July 5, 2017 Adds Chain Challenge and Squad Assault, adjustments to in-game events, adds options for sorting Heroes, fixes a bug related to the background music and sound effects, adds a "Complete Purchase" button to the Purchase Orbs screen, bug fixes.
align="center"|1.5.1 July 7, 2017 Bug fixes.
align="center"|1.6.0 August 6, 2017 Allows players to summon once during a new banner without using Orbs, adjusts the appearance rates for 3 and 4-Star Heroes, adds the Catalog of Heroes, adds Arena Assault, makes it easier to train Heroes in the Arena and Training Tower.
align="center"|1.7.0 NA: September 6, 2017
EU / JP: September 7, 2017
Adds Support features, allows players to view team names when selecting teams, adds the option to search for Heroes by Skills in the Skill Inheritance menu, adds new options to the Settings menu, bug fixes.
align="center"|1.8.0 October 8, 2017 Adds the Sacred Seal Forge, adds an indicator for stages involved with quests, adds the ability to jump directly to related stages from the quest list, allows players to edit teams before going into a stage, bug fixes.
align="center"|2.0.0 November 27/28, 2017 Adds Book II to Story Maps, adds the Weapon Refinery, adds new skills for Staff units, adjusts cooldown for certain Special skills, increases the barracks size by 100 for all users.
align="center"|2.1.0 January 10, 2018 Increases the Hero Merit limit to 4,000, adds additional weapon and Sacred Seal options to the Sacred Seal Forge and Weapon Refinery, allows players to view battle maps before battle, adds new maps to Arena, bug fixes.
align="center"|2.2.0 February 7, 2018 Adds the Tap Battle event, changes the Battle screen layout, adds additional weapon skills and Weapon Refinery upgrades.
align="center"|2.3.0 March 8, 2018 Adds Rival Domains, adds Blessed Gardens, adds new weapon skills and weapons to Weapon Refinery, adds the player's name when viewing a friend's Hero, allows players to deploy Heroes again immediately after losing a battle in Voting Gauntlet, adds new weapon type, adds Sorting by Level option to Settings, removes bug causing the device to lock while downloading data.
align="center"|2.4.0 April 10, 2018 Adds Grand Conquests, increases Hero Merit limit to 5,000, adds new weapon skills, adds additional weapon and Sacred Seal options to Weapon Refinery and Sacred Seal Forge, adds new weapon types, adjustments to Friend List, adds option to settings to remove Tempest Trials difficulty tips, removes stamina cost from Grand Hero Battles, Bound Hero Battles, and Legendary Hero Battles, adjustments to Tempest Trials, adds new notification banner to Home menu.
align="center"|2.5.0 May 9, 2018 Updates to the Arena, adds new weapon skills and weapons to Weapon Refinery, updates to gameplay and tutorial, adjustments for Tap Battle, adjustments for Rival Domains.
align="center"|2.6.0 June 8, 2018 Adds accessories, adjustments and updates to Allies menu, adds new weapon skills and weapons to Weapon Refinery, adjustments to Arena Assault, increases the amount of SP and Shards earned through battle, adds labels to Home screen, gameplay adjustments.
align="center"|2.6.1 June 26, 2018 Bug fixes.
align="center"|2.7.0 July 8, 2018 Adds Tactics Drills, adds new weapon skills and weapons to Weapon Refinery, UI adjustments.
align="center"|2.7.1 July 18, 2018 Bug fixes.
align="center"|2.8.0 August 8, 2018 Updates to Arena, adds new weapons to Weapon Refinery, adds Grounds maps to Blessed Gardens, updates to Allies menu, gameplay changes.
align="center"|2.9.0 September 5, 2018 Adds Relay Defense, adds new weapon skills and weapons to Weapon Refinery, adds Combat Manuals, gameplay adjustments.
align="center"|2.9.0 September 12, 2018 Bug fixes.
align="center"|2.10.0 October 8, 2018 Adds Abyssal difficulty for Grand Hero Battles, adds Lite Data Version of the game, adds new weapon skills and weapons to Weapon Refinery, allows players to add custom titles to the favorite marks, gameplay adjustments.
align="center"|2.11.0 November 7, 2018 Adds Aether Raids, adds the ability to summon certain heroes with Heroic Grails, adds new weapon skills and weapons to Weapon Refinery, gameplay adjustments.
align="center"|2.11.1 November 15, 2018 Bug fixes.
align="center"|3.0.0 December 10, 2018 Adds Book III to Story Maps, adds Mythic Heroes and Mythic Effects, adds First Summon Tickets, adds new weapon skills and weapons to Weapon Refinery, adds new structures to Aether Raids, adds new Heroes to summon with Heroic Grails, gameplay adjustments.
align="center"|3.0.1 December 19, 2018 Bug fixes.
align="center"|3.1.0 January 9, 2019 Adds beasts as a new weapon type, adjustments to Legendary Effects and Mythic Effects, adjustments to Aether Raids, adds new weapon skills and weapons to Weapon Refinery, adds new Heroes to summon with Heroic Grails, adds support for full-screen view on a 2018 iPad Pro.
align="center"|3.2.0 February 7, 2019 Adds Dragonflowers, adds Heroic Ordeals, adds a visual indicator for a unit's asset and flaw.
align="center"|3.3.0 March 6, 2019 Updates the Inherit Skill feature to pass up to four skills to units, adjustments to Aether Raids, adds new weapon skills and weapons to Weapon Refinery, adds new Heroes to summon with Heroic Grails, makes adjustments to the Equip Seals screen.
align="center"|3.4.0 April 8, 2019 Adds Aether Resort, adjustments to characters obtainable in summoning events, adds Pair Up, adjustments to Aether Raids, adds new weapon skills and weapons to Weapon Refinery, adds new Heroes to summon with Heroic Grails, adjustments to Merge Allies.
align="center"|3.5.0 May 8, 2019 Adds Friend Mock Battles and new structures for Aether Raids, adds an R&R Affinity icon over the Aether Resort icon, adds new weapon skills and weapons to Weapon Refinery, adds new Heroes to summon with Heroic Grails, makes adjustments to the Equip Seals screen.
align="center"|3.5.1 May 13, 2019 Bug fixes.



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