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Epic Mickey

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Epic Mickey
エピック ミッキー ミッキーマウスと魔法の筆
Epic Mickey box.png
Developer(s): Junction Point Studios
Publisher(s): Nintendo (Japan)
Disney (elsewhere)
Platform: Wii
Category: Action/Adventure Platformer
Players: 1
Predecessor: None
Successor: Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
Release dates
N. America: November 30, 2010
Japan: August 4, 2011
Europe: November 26, 2010
Australia: November 25, 2010

Disney Epic Mickey (Epic Mickey: Mickey Mouse and the Magic Brush in Japan) is a game for Wii. The game was originally published by Disney in the West, but when localized into Japan, was published by Nintendo.


We find Mickey Mouse entering Yed Sid's workshop through a mirror, Yen Sid is using a magical brush to create "Wasteland"; a place for forgotten Toon characters. Once Yen Sid goes to bed, Mickey Mouse takes the brush and attempts to use the brush to create a self-portrait but accidentally creates an evil malevolent force/creature known as the Blot. He is able to escape the blot, but in the process turns Wasteland into a Wasteland. After many years pass, the Blot returns and takes Mickey into Wasteland. The blot and a Mad Doctor named simply "Mad Doctor" plan on stealing Mickey Mouse's heart to gain freedom from Wasteland. However, with the assistance of Gremlin Gus and Yen Sid's Brush is able to escape from the Mad Doctor and the Blot.

After seeing Oswald (The lucky rabbit) in the Mad Doctors lab he continually runs into him. When Mickey arrives at Mean Street, he learns how Oswald helped create Mean Street, and how the Mad Doctor turned against him. After learning this, Mickey seeks Oswald out to get his help to defeat the Mad Doctor and the Blot. After tracking him down at MickeyJunk Mountain, he decides to help Mickey leave Wasteland by launching him away in a rocket in Tomorrow City.

After Mickey finds all the parts to fix the rocket, he reveals to Oswald that he created the Blot, and wrecked Wasteland, causing Oswald to lose his temper and break the seal to release the actual Blot. The Blot now fully awakened, is able to bribe Oswald's and Gus's lives for his Heart, and begins to suck all the paint out of Wasteland in an effort to become strong enough to escape Wasteland. Mickey is able to defeat the "Bloticles" that are collecting the paint for the Blot and launch away in the repaired rocket to fight the Blot head on. However, the blot destroys the rocket, and sends them into Dark Beauty Castle. After getting through hoards of enemies in Dark Beauty Castle, and getting fireworks to blow up the Blot, Mickey jumps into the Blot to battle the Bloticles guarding the heart. Finally, Mickey regains his heart as Oswald lights the fireworks destroying the Blot once and for all as Mickey, riding a firework is launched out of Wasteland. After returning the brush to Yen Sid, paint rains from the sky, repairing Wasteland from all it's damages.

Note: There is a morality system affecting what happens in the game based on how Mickey Mouse uses the brush, this changes the ending of the game. This story summary describes the Paint path, where you use Paint to solve your problems compared to thinner.


A platform game in which Mickey Mouse is given a magical brush that can either draw or erase things like objects/enemies.

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