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Game Freak (magazine)/Volume 1

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Front cover

Game Freak Vol. 1 was the first volume of Game Freak magazine by Taji Corporation (now Game Freak), released in 1983. The front cover of this issue features Taizo Hori from Dig-Dug.

A copy of this magazine is also found on pages 259-271 of Satoshi Tajiri: A Man Who Created Pokémon (book).


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  • Pages 2-3: Discusses video games, and shows an arcade cabinet. Page 2 features an illustration of two people next to an arcade with a woman mentioning Galaga.
  • Pages 4-5: A table of game titles categorised by genre and four keys (A-E).
  • Page 6: "Amusement News" about the top games. In the "Best 5", number 1 is Xevious (Namco), followed by Pole Position (Namco), another game written in kanji, Time Pilot (Konami) and Galaga (Konami), however there is another listing of five games, including two by Sega.
  • Page 7-8: "The Game Bug": Might be about video game glitches. Games included are Donkey Kong, Dig-Dug, Fly-Boy, Qix, Janputer, Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Page 9-10: Details about mahjong/a mahjong game
  • Page 11: Appears to be a feature on easy to draw game characters (かんたんにかける ゲームキャラクター). Instructs the player on how to draw Q-Bert.
  • Page 12: Information on subscriptions for new issues of Game Freak(?)
  • Page 13: Information on Vol. II, which covers Xevious in some way.

Titles in the game table

  • Interceptor
  • Gunman
  • Subhunter
  • Gipsy Juggler [may have also inspired the Japanese name for the Juggler trainer class in Pokémon]
  • Super High Way
  • Super Block
  • Speed Race CL5
  • Super Speed Race
  • Space Wars
  • Zun Zun Block
  • Ball Park 1,2
  • Top Bowler
  • Hustle
  • Flying Fortress 2
  • Blue Shark
  • Missile X
  • Basket Ball
  • Block C
  • Western Gun
  • Tramporin
  • Cross Fire
  • Safari
  • Speed Race
  • Space Invaders
  • Space Invaders 2
  • Polaris
  • Crazy Balloon
  • Astro Zone
  • Lupin The III
  • Balloon Bomber
  • Grand Champion
  • Field Gorl
  • Space Cyclone
  • Indian Battle
  • Defender
  • Space Chaser
  • Straight Flush
  • Lunar Rescue
  • Marine Date
  • Qix
  • Super Speed Race GPV
  • Rock Climber
  • Fitter
  • Space Seeker
  • Space Cruiser
  • Frog & Spiders
  • Mahjong II
  • Wild Western
  • Jungle King
  • Time Tunnel
  • The Pit
  • Alpine Ski
  • Bardie King
  • Strike Bowling
  • Front Line
  • Super Rider
  • Bardie King II
  • Port Man
  • Joly Joger
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