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Developer(s): DigiNin?
Publisher(s): LodgeNet/Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Gateway System (LodgeNet (Super Nintendo Entertainment System))
Category: Tabletop
Release dates
N. America: Unknown (circa 1998)

Hangman is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System game. The game is based on the traditional hangman) concept, and did not have a standard release.

Instead, the game was released in authorised airplane[1] and hotel[2][3] Nintendo Gateway System services.

It is also advertised as an upcoming game in the data of Noughts & Crosses (Tic Tac Toe) (possibly unused content).[4]


"Hangman is a word guessing game where the player chooses the letter of a mystery word until that word is complete. If the player misses a certain number of letters, the player loses one "life."

There are five levels and the player must correctly guess five (5) words to go to the next level.[5]

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