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Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

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Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
タッチ!カービィ スーパーレインボー
Tatchi! Kābī Sūpāreinbō
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse NA box.jpg
Cover artwork of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
Developer(s): HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Wii U
Category: 2D Platformer
Players: 1-4
Predecessor: Kirby: Canvas Curse
Successor: N/A
Release dates
N. America: February 20, 2015
Japan: January 22, 2015
Europe: May 8, 2015
Australia: May 9, 2015
USK: 6
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Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, released in Europe as Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush, is a Wii U follow-up to the Nintendo DS title Kirby: Canvas Curse released in 2015 as part of the Kirby series. The game makes use of a clay-like art style for its visuals.


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Kirby's on a roll in this "clayful" adventure!

Draw rainbow ropes to guide him through colorful worlds!

Give Kirby™ fantastic power-ups with three different amiibo™!

One stylus, lots of ways to use it!
Draw & Roll
Tap & Dash
Collect Items
Protect Kirby

Up to four friends can play together!
Jump into the game at any time!

Kirby rolls out three transformations!


While Kirby and a Waddle Dee are playing, a rift opens up over Dream Land which drains all the color from the world and freezes everybody in place. A paintbrush fairy named Elline then emerges from the portal and restores the color of Kirby and his companion, explaining that her friend Claycia suddenly became evil and took the color from Pop Star to create seven worlds in her home of Seventopia. Kirby, Elline, and Waddle Dee head through the portal to defeat Claycia and restore the color to Pop Star.


As a follow-up, the game uses a similar gameplay style to Kirby: Canvas Curse. Players control Kirby, who is constantly in a ball shape, with the Wii U GamePad, tapping him on the touch screen to move him and attack, and drawing paths for him to follow. Players have limited ink to draw, however, which is restored over time. Stars are scattered throughout the level, and collecting 100 allows players to use the Star Dash, which allows Kirby to charge through indestructible blocks and most enemies. While this game does not feature Copy Abilities, transformations are still available in the form of a tank, rocket, and submarine, all of which have their own methods of control. Throughout each stage are several treasure chests which contain figures, music tracks, and pages from Elline's diary.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse supports multiplayer, allowing up to three additional players to play as Waddle Dees, which can move through the level and attack normally as well as carry Kirby. The game also supports amiibo, allowing players to tap the amiibo for Kirby characters to unlock unique power-ups. Finally, the game also features a challenge mode.

Technical details

Technical details
Media: Wii U Game Disc
Digital download
Download size: 3.5 GB
Save data size: 1.5 MB
Supported features: amiibo (read only), 2-4 player multiplayer
Input / compatible controllers: Wii U GamePad, Wii U Pro Controller, Wii Remote, Classic Controller

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