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Kwirk NA box.jpg
Developer(s): Atlus
Publisher(s): JP: Atlus
NA: Acclaim
EU: Nintendo
Platform: Game Boy
Category: Puzzle
Players: 1-2
Predecessor: N/A
Successor: Amazing Tater
Release dates
N. America: March 1990
Japan: September 24, 1989
Europe: 1990

Kwirk is a puzzle game developed by Atlus for the Game Boy. The game was originally released in Japan in September 1989; in North America the game was published by Acclaim Entertainment and released in March 1990, while in Europe Nintendo released the game in 1990. Kwirk was the first Atlus title to be self-published by the company.[1]

In 1990, Atlus released a version of the game for the Famicom Disk System under the name Puzzle Boys. Two follow-up games would later be released: a spin-off game, Spud's Adventure, was released in 1991, while a sequel, Amazing Tater, was later released in August 1991 in Japan and April 1992 in North America. In September 1991, a TurboGrafx-16 version of Puzzle Boys was released exclusively in Japan.


Everybody's run into Kwirks–like when your shoe laces got tied together, or socks never matched...and behind it all was the original–Kwirk himself.

But now, Kwirk, the Chilled Tomato, is in a bit of stew. Somebody has set a trap for his main squeeze, Tammy. And Kwirk's the only truckin' Tomato with a chance to rescue her from this puzzling predicament.

With Kwirk, you'll mash through many a maze, move bunches of blockers, outwith plenty of pits. And, just when you think the labyrinth is licked...a trickier one appears.

So put on your shades, get your thinker in gear, and remember...Tammy's only got one!


While spending a night out together, Kwirk and his girlfriend Tammy decide to explore the underground labyrinth below their city. As they explore, Tammy suddenly disappears. Kwirk, along with his vegetable allies, must find Tammy in the maze to bring her home.


Kwirk is a puzzle game in which players must position and move through boxes to reach the exit and move to the next stage. Some boxes can be pushed, while others are attached to the ground and rotate when the player moves against them. Whenever the player moves a box into a hole, the box fills in the hole depending on its shape, allowing the player to move across that area of floor. Some stages have the player controlling more than one character by switching between them with the Select button, which require the player to have every character reach the exit. The game features three difficulty options: Easy, Average, and Hard. The game also has two viewing options: Bird's Eye (the top-down view) or Diagonal (a pseudo-3D view that gives characters and objects shadows).

The game features three gameplay modes. "Going Up?" is the main gameplay mode, in which players must complete stages to move up the tower. In "Heading Out?" the player must complete consecutive stages to earn the highest score; the mode features a total of 99 stages, and gives players bonus points (up to 2000) depending on how long they take to clear each stage. Finally, "VS. Mode" is a multiplayer mode in which two players compete to clear stages the fastest.

Technical details

Technical Details

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