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Magical Starsign

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Magical Starsign
マジカルバケーション 5つの星がならぶとき
Majikaru Bakēshon Itsutsu no Hoshi ga Narabu Toki
Magical Starsign.jpg
Developer(s): Brownie Brown
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS
Category: Role-playing game
Players: 1-6
Predecessor: Magical Vacation
Successor: N/A
Release dates
N. America: October 23, 2006
Japan: June 22, 2006
Europe: February 9, 2007
USK: 6
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©2006, 2007 Nintendo/Brownie Brown

Magical Starsign, released in Japan as Magical Vacation: When the Five Planets Align, is a role-playing video game released for the Nintendo DS in 2006. It is the second game in the Magical Vacation series, following the Japanese-exclusive Game Boy Advance game Magical Vacation.


Within the Baklava solar system, a man named Kale has assembled a group of pirates with an unknown goal threatening the fate of the universe. Madeleine, his former teacher at Will-o'-Wisp Academy on the planet Kovomaka, is sent away by the school's principal, leaving her students behind in the process. When three months pass without contact, a group of six students becomes worried for her safety, hijacking the academy's rockets in an attempt to rescue her. After being stranded on the planet Erd, the protagonist must reunite with their classmates and save their teacher, an adventure which will put them in conflict with both the astro pirates and the Space Police.


Tap Into the Magic of the Stars!

  • Blast off on a quest to rescue both your fellow magic students AND your teacher—and just maybe the whole solar system while you're at it!
  • Put your magical studies to the test against hundreds of foes—tap your party members at the right time to boost the power of their spells!
  • Your magic grows more powerful as your planets moves into alignment—but the same goes for your enemies too!


Logo for the game

Magical Starsign is a traditional turn-based role-playing game. In the overworld, the player controls their character from a top-down perspective with grid-based movement in eight directions, interacting with objects and non-player characters to progress the story. In battle, gameplay is controlled almost entirely through use of the stylus. The battle system revolves around the game's seven affinities, also referred to as the titular starsigns; five operate in a circle of effectiveness against one another: fire, wood, wind, earth, and water. These affinities are tied to the game's central planets, with each planet being given an active zone on a chart called the astrolog; when in its active zone, a planet's corresponding affinity will be given an advantage in battle, referred to as an aura. The remaining two affinities, light and dark, are strong against each other, and receive aura according to the game's day-and-night cycle.

The game strongly centers around its multiplayer functionality, titled Amigo Mode. Amigo Mode itself has two modes, Tag Mode and Amigo Dungeon. Tag Mode allows two players to connect in order to share messages and items. Amigo Dungeon supports up to six players simultaneously, where they navigate a dungeon to compete for points received by defeating enemies and opening chests.

Technical details

Technical details
Media: Nintendo DS Game Card
Supported features: Local Play (2-6 players)
Input / compatible controllers: Nintendo DS


  • Press scans of the game's box art feature the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection label, despite the game not having any online functionality.

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