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N&B Block

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N&B Block, also known as Nintendo Block (任天堂 ブロック) is a building toy line manufactured by Nintendo, with the first sets releasing in 1968.[1] The blocks were designed by Nintendo's games department under Gunpei Yokoi.

N&B Block uses a similar stud-locking system to LEGO bricks, though the N&B Block system uses a series of connected, alternating half-tubes, rather than the tube-locking system patented by LEGO.[2] In addition, the N&B Block line uses not only the standard brick pieces but also of a variety of other shapes, including various curved and round shapes; Nintendo would use this uniqueness in its advertisements to market N&B as the superior product compared to the blocky composition of models built using LEGO.[2]

Another Nintendo toyline released during 1968, People House, would use N&B Blocks as well. Each set comes with a box of N&B Blocks that can be built into decorations using the plastic front cover for the house, which features N&B studs.[1][3]

Nintendo ceased production of N&B Block in early 1972.[1]

N&B Block sets

Parts sets

Parts sets came in smaller boxes and provided a singular type of block.

  • P-01
  • P-10
  • P-20
  • P-30
  • P-35
  • P-40
  • P-60
  • P-70
  • P-80
  • P-90

Mixed sets

Sets released in the Mixed (ミックス) line provided a variety of blocks, as well as instructions for basic models.

While not a part of the Mixed series, Nintendo would later release a pair of small sets containing exclusively rectangular parts. These were:

  • NB 500-14
  • NB 800-14

Tokusatsu sets

In the early 1970's, Nintendo acquired the license to release sets for buildable N&B figures based on the protagonists of popular tokusatsu television series.[4] These sets included:

Appearances in games


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