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Nintendo & Dentsu Game Seminar

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Nintendo & Dentsu Game Seminar (Japanese: 任天堂・電通ゲームセミナー) was an official Japanese Nintendo and Dentsu event for game design students. It ran for three sessions from the years 1990-1992. In 2003, it was succeeded by the Nintendo-only Nintendo Game Seminar. The event was advertised in various media, such as magazines Famitsu and Marukatsu Super Famicom and with the aim of recruiting new students.

Various famous names from the gaming industry would attend as instructors, such as Takashi Yamamori (magazine editor and media producer), Koichi Nakamura (Enix) and Shigesato Itoi (Hobonichi, Ape).[1]

There were various gifts for attending, such as a Nintendo & Dentsu watch and calculator.

One of the students Masanobu Suzui would graduate and form his own company indieszero.


  • Sutte Hakkun (Famicom Disk System) (various people) (third set of participants) - Later released by indieszero for Satellaview
  • Bakobako (Famicom Disk System) (at least Masanobu Suzui, possibly never released)
  • Moving Ball (Famicom Disk System) (at least Masanobu Suzui, possibly never released)[2]



  • The adverts include some dark humor where Mario says 「 批評家の方はお断り致します。」 ("Critics are not welcome.")


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