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TAMA5 (Game Boy mapper)

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TAMA5 is a licensed Game Boy chip and Game Boy mapper by Bandai. The term TAMA5 also specifically refers to the Game Edge Connector logic's interface IC. TAMA5 chip games can support the Real-Time Clock. TAMA5 is likely derived from Tamagotchi; the pet-raising (game) franchise. 5 is also read as 五 (go) in Japanese; hence TAMA5 might be read like "Tamago" (meaning "egg" in English), though this might be a coincidence.

It is used by the game Game de Hakken!! Tamagotchi - Osutchi to Mesutchi with components TC8521AM (Real-Time Clock), TMP47C243M (TAMA6) (4-bit microcontroller with mask ROM/MCU), with a RAM protector chip and a Crystal chip.[1]

Curiously, there is a section on the front of the Game Pak's shell secured by a screw for replacing the CR2016 cell battery, similar to Hudson's Robopon/Robot Ponkottsu Game Paks. Other games typically requiring opening the back, exposing all the chips.


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